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Welcome to the Social and Behavioral Instruments (SABI) database provided to you by the UNC Center for AIDS Research Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Core! We created this database to assist you in finding validated measurement instruments to answer your research questions related to HIV prevention research. We are appreciative of the assistance that the University of Pennsylvania CFAR Behavioral and Social Sciences Core and the Duke CFAR Social and Behavioral Sciences Core provided in funding and identifying measures for the SABI database.

In addition to citing the source article, if SABI was helpful to you, please acknowledge SABI in presented or published work resulting from this research using the following language: Survey measures were informed in part by the Social and Behavioral Instruments (SABI) database developed by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Center for AIDS Research, an NIH-funded program P30-AI50410.

Check out the “About SABI” tab for an explanation of how SABI domains are updated (SABI Methodology) and a list of planned domain updates!

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SABI is made up of 12 domains: attitudes, coping, quality of life, substance use, mental health, HIV knowledge, social support, self-efficacy, sexual risk behavior, medication adherence, violence, and stigma. Use “View by Domain” to search for an instrument using one of SABI’s 12 domains or 28 sub-domains.

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